In honor of my first post, I would like to give a shout out to one of my favorite accessory designers, Chan Luu.


Just recently, my favorite bracelet (my lovely Chan Luu Wrap) had come across a couple of missing beads. The style I have I believe is discontinued and have been so bummed b/c I couldn’t find it anywhere else on their website. It has some of my favorite stones including – pearl, lapis, and turquoise beads that give me the coolest little arm party when I stack it with other bracelets! I had actually bought this bracelet on Gilt (a whole different World I will hatch into later) and wondered how I could get it repaired. I didn’t want to go to my family jeweler or to a retailer that sells Chan Luu, because the likely hood of them having the actual stones I needed replaced was probably slim to none. I got on their website and luckily they had a customer inquiry for repairs. Someone within that same day got back to me, and told me they would repair it for FREE!!! These things aren’t cheap, so needless to say I was very excited! All I had to do was ship it to their office in NY. Twelve Dollars in shipping and four weeks later, I was looking at my new and improved Chan Luu bracelet! It came with a tag and everything! It literally looked brand new…I was so thankful they had repaired it and had done such a nice job!

Sooo if anyone ever falls into this same dilemma, definitely send it their way! Although, a month is a while to wait for your staple piece to come back in, it’s worth the wait!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!



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