Loehmann's Going Out of Business = Heartbreaking

Last week, I found out one of my favorite department stores, Loehmann’s, was closing its doors for good. I found out this news by none other than a casual e-mail sent to me last Thursday morning….so 2014. Ugh! I was crushed! This meant 3 things for me: no more Back room, no more ridiculous designer discounts, and no more gold card!

Not only was Loehmann’s one of my favorite stores because I truly believe it has better deals than Neiman’s Last Call, and don’t get me wrong, I love my Neiman’s, but it’s 3.0 miles away from my house! That’s pretty much a 5k….or less! But who’s counting? Never gone there by foot, but I could if desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyway, quickly after hearing about this, I sped over there to just get a glimpse of this place one last time…or at least snag a couple of things in their “Going Out of Business Sale.” I really went in there hoping I would find some Equipment blouses on sale (as I usually do), but everything was already picked over. I went 2 hours after they nationally announced their sale, so I’m assuming they must have still been picked over from the holiday’s. However, I did end up finding some great last-minute pieces to add to my wardrobe for quite the steal! They were featuring 20-30% off of almost every item in the store. I also am a Loehmann’s Gold Member, so I automatically get 10% off each item I purchase. What’s not to love about that? Goodness! Anyway, I ended up getting this adorable Joie blouse–

Joie Beckley Blouse Retail $188.00 // Loehmann's GOB Sale $64.00

Joie Beckley Blouse
Retail $188.00 // Loehmann’s GOB Sale $64.00

Although it’s still a little too cold to wear this now in Houston, I knew this would be really cute for the Spring and the hot Texas Summer! I will probably pair it with white shorts during the day and some toothpick style pants with wedges for a night out. I also grabbed these adorable DVF sunglasses that I knew would be perfect with this blouse–

DVF Sunnys Retail $225.00 // Loehmann's GOB Sale for $45.00

DVF Sunnies
Retail $225.00 // Loehmann’s GOB Sale $45.00

Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite designers, so this was probably my favorite purchase out of the two! I also have been searching for sunglasses with rounded lens like these, so it was pretty much meant to be.

I have been researching to find the FINAL date Loehmann’s will be open for business. I haven’t had any good luck getting a specific answer…have heard possibly March…but would like an exact date so I can see if they have any other sales going on. Or at least savor its final hour’s of being in business! If anyone know’s please let me know! I would also like to thank one of my best friends for introducing me to this treasure trove many years ago. I always have been a firm believer that if Neiman’s Last Call and T.J. Maxx had a baby, Loehmann’s would be it. Such a great combo. Oh well. I know there are plenty of other great stores out there, but I still am not quite ready to give up this one. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next!



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