Stripes & Twillys All The Way!

Hey guys! I hope everyone has had an awesome week so far! We are so close to FRIYAY & Summer! YASSS! 🙌🏻

I wanted to show y’all this outfit I wore earlier this week! I am usually hesitant to buy a dress with horizontal stripes – stripes can tend to widen your appearance. Like me, you are thinking,  “Kristen, I don’t have time for that.” 😜

I remember trying this dress on and thinking how flattering it fit! I think it definitely helps that the top half is horizontal and the skirt is vertical.
 It also helps elongate my body and makes me look just a wee bit taller! Which we like, unless you have a short date. Lastly, it is off-the-shoulder 🤗 (groundbreaking) and doesn’t slip up/off and have to keep adjusting the straps! It is such an easy dress to put on & go! This would be perfect for Mother’s Day brunch, Church, or a wedding shower!

You can find this dress here – plus, it is ON SALE + 40% off applied at checkout! It’s more than half off from its original price! It’s a great deal and can be worn all Spring + Summer! Get it before it’s gone!

You are also probably wondering what the heck is around my neck! Well, it is called a twilly and is super fun!

I have had this one for a while, so I linked a different/ similar one. You may need to go to the actual store to find this exact print, however, I don’t think there is an Hermes print that isn’t beautiful! It is actually a great price for a designer piece and also looks adorable on a handbag! It really is a classic staple for your wardrobe that you can keep forever and pass down! So, it is totally worth the price! 😄

I am writing all of these things as I am stuffing my face with a bag of M&M’s and way past my bedtime! Not a good combination, but will hopefully motivate me to go to spin tomorrow! More to follow soon & happy shopping!!!




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