Gifts For Men $100 & Under

In honor of Green Monday and Christmas, of course, I have rounded up some last minute gifts for all my lovely readers. If you love to shop online as much as I do, then this one is for you! I have compiled a list of gift ideas for all the men in your life! Each item is $100 under & worth every penny.

I am so excited to participate in Green Monday this year! Like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, it encourages you to shop online, save, and waste less gas by staying home and supporting your online businesses! I love these sales (especially around Christmas) because not only do I find something for everyone on my list, I can snag a couple of goodies for myself, too!

As you know, I love items that are affordable as well as versatile. My picks for men are items that fit both of those categories. I also have some fun gifts thrown in there because “why not?” All of these items are “Fiance’ Approved,” and can finally share my picks with you now that I have given Chris his Christmas presents! His personal favorite was the fly fishing set and the Ugg sweatpants! For the price, the fly fishing set will come in handy and the Ugg sweatpants are incredibly comfortable. Think  Ugg Boots on your legs type of comfortable! Definitely a great deal and great quality, too!

1. Fly Fishing Set // 2. Yeti Cup // 3. Polo Shirt // 4. Ugg Sweatpants // 5. Men’s Dress Shirt // 6. America Koozie // 7. Ugg Slippers // 8. Duck Boots // 9. Amazon Echo // 10. Amazon Fire

 I use my Yeti every day and seriously cannot go wrong! I gave Chris one for Christmas last year and he was very skeptical at first. After he used it once for coffee, he understood where my obsession came from!

Lastly, while all of these items are great, I have to tell you about why I chose #3 and #5. My Father, Brother-In-Law, and Chris LOVE these! The quality is amazing and it a great gift especially if you are trying to keep your purchase under $100.