This weekend I had the privilege of meeting some pretty awesome bloggers at a Houston blogger meet-up! We met at Eloise Nichols for brunch Saturday and couldn’t have been any cuter! We have all been instagram friends for a while, and finally found a weekend we could all meet in person. This has also inspired me to start a new little series I would like to call – Blogging 101. This is for moi, as a new blogger, to keep y’all updated with my progress and new information I find along the way.

It was so refreshing to meet other people who have the same interests as you! As a new blogger, I still am figuring a lot of things out. Of course, I know what I like to blog about, but sometimes it can be hard to choose an exact topic. For me, it seems that I really only like to write about my outfit (most of the time), but I know all you (my wonderful readers) need a little more push than that! 😉 We all agreed that we struggle with this, but sometimes a new idea or story can become second nature for us.

It has been so much fun giving my own little perspective of the world to other people. Now, whenever I see my friends, they know exactly what my latest news is because they have read my blog that week! You may think it takes the fun out of our visit, but it always spirals into a new conversation about blogging!

I was also so excited to meet other bloggers because I am so new to the industry! However, I seem to forget that this is a new industry. It is over saturated and I knew that this wasn’t going to be a cake walk going into this, but I am truly passionate about it. Passion also motivates me to work even harder. This weekend was great to meet all of these amazing women and they have helped to inspire me to keep it up! Blogging has lead me to meet some really great new friends and mentors and I am very thankful for this experience!





Outfit Details: Dress in size XS, always size down in Loft! All other items fit true to size.

When it comes to my work wardrobe, my goal is to create a professional, yet effortless look. I strive to look put together without taking a lot of time to plan my outfit. A lot of my outfit planning for the week ahead comes from laying out my outfit the night before. As mentioned in my post, “Gingham Dress: Easy Dress To Throw On and Go!”  I love easy dresses that fit into my work wardrobe.

img_word2thabyrd effortless look 1
I have laid my outfit out the night before or planned my outfits in advance ever since I was in high school. High school was when I discovered how much I loved to accessorize outfits and would sometimes refrain from wearing the same outfit! Now with my work wardrobe, if I wore it two weeks ago, you can be sure to see me in the same outfit again! Isn’t it funny how things change once you get older?

img_word2thabyrd effortless look 2img_word2thabyrd effortless look 4
This black dress I found the other week is the perfect LBD staple! It has just enough sass to make it professional and fashion forward. The industry I work in now is more conservative than the one I worked in the past. I like to show my sense of style while still remaining in “dress-code.” Upon starting my new job this year, I thought I was well aware the dress code was business casual. I was having my ever so healthy Chick-fil-a Thursday morning snack, and read a dress code reminder to be sure to have our shoulders covered. Whoops! I had been wearing sleeveless blouses and dresses all summer long. Who would have thought? It’s so hot in Texas, I never considered it a possibility. I especially loved this dress because it checks all of the boxes for my dress code – shoulders covered, modest length, and no cleavage!

This dress also works well for events outside of work like church or a shower. Throw on some earrings and a fun pair of heels and you are ready to hop out the door!

img_word2thabyrd effortless look 3
I have rounded up several effortless LBD styles for you to browse through that are all under $100. This dress with the dropped waist is one of my new favorites. I am wearing an XS and fits like a glove! I am typically a size S, but I usually size down when I wear Loft.

You can shop the rest of my look below. Of course, my purse sold out this morning, however, I have a few similar styles on sale. It was the cutest Tory Burch purse, and have enjoyed wearing it all summer long. If it comes back in stock, you will all be the first to know!


This post gives me another idea  – would you like to see a post that is just committed to easy work wear ideas? I feel like you can never go wrong with having enough outfit combinations to get you through those busy weeks! I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂